The Āut Suite

All Products in the Āut Suite are specifically designed for DAOs - and come as a suite of out-of-the-box products for contract-powered communities.

Āut Expander

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Your Gateway to the Āut Ecosystem. Import any Legacy DAO Contract, from Moloch to Aragon & DAOStack.

Expand it with Āut Expander, and give super-powers to your DAO - adding the concepts of Members Roles & Interactions directly on-chain, at contract level.

Then assign Roles to your Community - and kick off role-based working & governance routines.

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A DAO-Bound
A decentralized authentication system designed for DAOs & their Members.

For DAOs:
Integrate it on any website, and let your Members login with their Wallet, & claim their Role in your DAO.

For Members:
Claim your Role in the Community & create your Self-sovereign Account. Then use it to login all across Web3.

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Āut ID

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Own your own Identity.

ĀutID is self-sovereign, unique, and portable: it lets you join new DAOs, and log in across DAO-powered Web3 DApps.

It works as a Social Profile, that keeps track of all your DAOs, Roles, and Experience. Each holder gets also a unique, public URL with this structure:[your-pseudonym] 😎

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